NEW AMPUTEES - What to expect during MONTHS SEVEN - TWELVE.


By now your residual limb should have stopped shrinking and will look like it will for the foreseeable future. Most likely your preparatory socket will no longer fit tightly your physician will prescribe for you be fitted with a definitive prosthesis. This will be your final limb. The process will require test fitting again and additional visits to your prosthetist before a new laminated socket is fabricated. Your prosthetist will also incorporate componentry into your definitive prosthesis that matches your current and/or potential level of activity. Here's where you choose a cool C limb if you want to run and actively do sports. If you just want a nice walk with your dogs there are choices for that as well. You may still need an assistive device, such as a walker or a cane, for safety, depending on your overall health and confidence. Do what feels comfortable to you. Incorporating a prosthesis into your life is an individual process and you are in charge. Your prosthetist is there to help and will use their expertise to create the prosthesis that will serve you, and your lifestyle for the rest of your life.

MONTH 10-12

By this time you should have become fairly comfortable with your prosthesis. You will have mastered donning and doffing, putting your prosthesis on and taking it off. You will have mastered the little adjustments to making your prosthesis work just for you, such as the number of socks being worn, etc.  You should not be experiencing much phantom pain or your phantom sensations will have become more tolerable. You will be able to do many of the activities that you did prior to your amputation. You may have even become creative on how to do some of these  things. 

You will have see your prosthetist many times during your first year as an amputee, possibly as many as 20, if not more. For this reason, you should find a prosthetist that you are comfortable with. We suggest spending time with at least three prosthetist  before making a final decision. To assist you in that process we provide a 30 minute FREE evaluation. Just call our office at 414.282.3100 to schedule.